Chemical Spa Start-Up Kit by GLB Rendezvous

Chemical Spa Start-Up Kit by GLB Rendezvous

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The Great Life Begins with GLB Pool & Spa products. Since 1956, GLB has been on the cutting edge of product development for swimming pool and spa/hot tub water care. From the industry’s first non-chlorine shock to the latest in enzyme-based products, GLB manufactures quality chemicals that are easy to use.

The GLB Chemical Hot Tub Start-Up Kit Includes:

  • Activate Spa Shock (1.1 lbs, 500 g)
  • Bromine Tablets (3 oz, 84g)
  • Broma-Start (granular version of Enhance) (2 oz, 56g)
  • Filter Fresh filter cartridge cleaner (1/2 pint, 250 ml)
  • Foam Out (1/2 pint, 250 ml)
  • Spa Clarifier (250 ml, 1/2 pint)
  • Protect Plus stain and scale control (1/2 pint, 250 ml)
  • pH Down (1/2 lb, 250 g)
  • pH Up (1/2 lb, 250 g)
  • Water Test Strips
  • Spa Chemical Instruction Guide
  • Bromine Floater - If you do not have a bromine tablet dispenser, pierce holes in the bromine container and slide the floating ring (included) onto the bottle.

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