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To determine the board you need for your spa, turn off all power to the spa and look for a number printed on your existing board. It should match up to one of the part numbers listed below.

Note: Most Hydroquip 120/220 Volt Universal systems use a 120 Volt board.

Note: The last 2 digits indicate the latest revision (board update). For example, your part number may be 33-0014A-R5. The latest board update (33-0014A-R8) will work to replace older versions.


ECO-1 Circuit Board 120 V

ECO-1 Circuit Board, 120 V


US $209.99

ECO-2 Circuit Board 120 V

Note: If you have a Fiber Optic lighting system in your spa (R1, R2 or R3), this board will not operate your lighting system. Please contact us for details.


US $299.99

ECO-2 Circuit Board 240 V

ECO-2 Circuit Board 240 V


US $299.99

ECO-2+2 Circuit Board 120 V

ECO-2 Circuit Board 120 V

Used on systems with a 2-speed main pump and 2-speed secondary pump (CS-4220, CS-6220 & CS-9220 series).


US $299.99

ECO-3 Circuit Board 120 V

ECO-3 Circuit Board 120 V


US $299.99

U Series, 120V

U Series, 120V (CS-6500 & CS-7500 series)


US $259.99

Digital Deluxe Circuit Board, Universal Voltage, 8-Key

(For packs made after 5/2003) Replaces board 33-0010R6, R7 and R8. If you have an earlier revision, R1, R2, R3, R4 or R5 - you need to replace with the Upgrade kit 48-0101.


US $389.85

Digital Standard Circuit Board, 120 V

Sorry, this is no longer available. You need to replace with Upgrade Kit 48-0101.


US $299.00

Digital Deluxe Circuit Board & Upgrade Kit, Universal Voltage, 8-Key

(For packs made prior to 5/2003)
Replaces: 33-0010-R5 (R1 through R5) & others. Kit includes 33-0010-R8 board, transformer, temp sensor, hi limit sensor, wiring diagram & manual. Kit Part Number: 48-0101


US $444.99