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Starburst 28 Bulb LED Light

Starburst 28 Bulb LED Light

Starburst 28 Bulb LED Light
Our price: US $64.99

Replace a typical 12V spa bulb with our 28 bulb LED! Our LED lights are simply the best built and have more features than any other light on the market.

With a new Starburst LED light bulb, you can transform your spa into a luxurious retreat. Enhance the atmosphere of your next poolside event with a dazzling and pulsating light mode.

The StarBurst LEDs produce a dramatics setting with vibrant underwater color and lighting effects. Touch the light button and make your spa or hot tub water dance with reds, blues, greens, opals, violet and gold! Or let the subdued tones gradually change from one hue to the next. The Starburst LED lights fit 99% of existing hot tub light sockets. Your existing light button will turn the light on and off and will also cycle between the different modes.

Note: If your current spa light has a dimmer setting (different levels of brightness), no LED light bulb will function properly because you won't be able to cycle between the different modes.

Starburst Light Instructions:

  • Quickly turn light off and on to get to the next light mode.
  • If light is on for more than 5 seconds, the current mode will be saved for the next time you use the light.

Note: This bulb requires 12 Volts AC. It will not work on 12 Volts DC.

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