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Activate by GLB Rendezvous

Activate by GLB Rendezvous

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Activate - The best non-chlorine shock on the market. Use as a non-chlorine shock or with Enhance (as part 2 of the 2-part sanitization system).

2.2 lbs, 1 kg

(part 2 of a 2 part sanitization system) (Non-Chlorine Potassium Monopersulfate)

Activate, a powerful oxidizing non-chlorine shock that works with bromine tablets, chlorine or it can be used to "activate" liquid Enhance bromine salts into a bromine sanitizer (the 2-part system). Activate is an excellent shock because it is specially buffered to not upset pH or alkalinity levels.

Compatible With: bromide salts, bromine pucks, chlorine, ozone and mineral purification systems.

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