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Barry Bonds Celebriduck

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Barry Lamar Bonds was born on July 24, 1964, in Riverside, California, where his father Bobby Bonds and current Giants Manager Dusty Baker were also born. His childhood was strongly influenced by several great major league baseball players; his father Bobby was once an All Star, he is the cousin of Reggie Jackson and his godfather is Willie Mays. Bobby Bonds played for the Giants until Barry was about 10 years old. Barry grew up and around Candlestick Park, the Giants' home field. While the team warmed up for games, Barry got to practice in the outfield.

When he was a kid, Barry could hit a whiffle ball hard enough to shatter glass. When he started hitting baseballs, no window was safe. He broke so many windows at his house that his mom, Pat, became a regular customer at a nearby glass store. Barry started his habit of choking up on the bat when he was young. His father used to bring home major league bats for his son to play with. The bats were so big and heavy that Barry had to choke up when he swung. To this very day, Barry still chokes up on the bat.

Bonds attended Serra High School in San Mateo. There, he was a three sport athlete in baseball, football, and basketball. However, despite showing his athleticism and versatility by participating in three sports, baseball was still Barry's true love.

Some of Barry Bonds Records Include:

  • Major League Record for most homeruns in a single season - 73 (2001).
  • Holds major league career record for most intentional bases on balls.
  • Shares major league record for most seasons and consecutive seasons leading league in intentional bases on balls received - 7 (1992-98).
  • Shares major league single-season record for fewest assists by outfielder who led league in assists - 14 (1990).
  • Holds N.L. career record for most consecutive years leading league in bases on balls - 4 (1994-97).
  • Shares major league record for fewest double plays by outfielder (150 or more games) - 0 (1997 and 1998).
  • Shares N.L. single-season record for most consecutive times reached base safely - 15 (1998).
  • Shares N.L. single-season record for fewest assists by outfielder (150 or more games) - 2 (1993).
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