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Brett Aqualine (and Catalina)

Brett Aqualine (and Catalina)

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BL-40 and Catalina 4 function boards

Brett Aqualine BL-40 replacement board and kit. Replaces 82580D-0, RC-4, RC-4A, RC-4PA, 34-5023A, BRT82580D0, 610263, 9300-03G, RC-7A - *will not replace RC-7A CB used in EM-1000 control systems.


US $289.95

BL-45 Control Board

Brett Aqualine BL-45 Control Board, Replaces 3-60-5004, 34-5019, 609808

**Limited quantity - this board has been discontinued**


US $159.99

BL-45 Relay Board

Brett Aqualine BL-45 Relay Board, Replaces 3-60-5005, 34-5021, 609807.


US $169.99

BL-50 Relay Board

Brett Aqualine BL-50 Relay Board, Replaces 3-60-5002, 34-5015, 34-5015-0, 609811.

**This board has been discontinued**


US $249.92

BL-70 Relay Board


Brett Aqualine BL-70 Relay Board, Replaces 609809, 9300-03E, 34-5007, 3-60-5000, BRT345007.


US $267.99