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Cleaning Chemicals and Products

Cleaning Chemicals and Products


Clean & Perfect Outdoor Cleaner

22 oz

Clean & Perfect is a blend of natural enzymes and surfactants making it the perfect indoor & outdoor cleaner. Great for hard surfaces such as spas, hot tub covers, vinyl, pool covers, decks, skimmers, outdoor furniture, barbeques, tile flooring etc...!


US $11.98

303 Cover Protectant

16 fl. oz, 473 ml Value Size

Shield your cover from UV damage with this unique product originally developed for the aerospace industry.


US $18.88

Filter Fresh by GLB Rendezvous

1.1 Quart, 1 liter.

Use Filter Fresh Filter Cartridge Cleaner to deep clean your spa filter cartridge.


US $8.87

Tub Rinse (Spa Plumbing Flush) by GLB Rendezvous

17 fl. oz, 500 ml

Tub Rinse flushes and cleans the plumbing in your spa or jetted bath tub.


US $9.87

Scum Bug Sponge (Pack of 2)

The most popular oil absorbing sponge (Includes 2 ScumBugs!). Using technology originally developed to clean up ocean oil spills, the floating SCUM BUG collects water contaminants that create scum lines, cloudy water, and clogged filters.


US $13.99

The Zorbie Scum Absorber

The Zorbie Scum Absorber absorbs body oils, suntan lotions, make-up and hair conditioners etc. It effectively removes odors and helps keep water clear and fresh.


US $12.99

Spa Ball with Cleaning Pad

Absorbs body oils and suntan oils in hot tubs.


US $13.99