Fix A Leak for Hot Tubs and Pools

Fix A Leak for Hot Tubs and Pools

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FIX A LEAK is a blended, concentrated material designed to seal leaks in hot tubs, pools and virtually any other material. FIX A LEAK can be used to fix plumbing leaks and leaks in the spa shell. It will seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter and form a permanent seal.

Simply remove your hot tub filter, add solution to the spa water during filtration and allow the repair to mend. Use 8 oz per 1,000 gallons for leaks in hot tubs. Use 32 oz for pools up to 22,000 gallons. A second treatment can be done for large leaks.

Directions for Using FIX A LEAK

**Shake Well Before Using - works best with warm water (minimum 70°F)

  1. If spa insulation is saturated with water, empty spa and leave empty for 1 week for foam to dry. Once foam is dry, refill the hot tub.
  2. Remove all cartridge filters. If you have a sand filter (pools), set filter valve to re-circulate to by-pass the filter media.
  3. With pump running on high speed, slowly add FIX A LEAK through the skimmer or in front of any other suction intake.
  4. After adding FIX A LEAK, allow pump to run for approximately 6-8 hours. If you have more than 1 pump, make sure you turn them all on.
  5. Continue to re-circulate water until the leak has stopped.
  6. After the leak has stopped and given the proper time to cure (about 24 hrs), drain & clean the spa. Wipe down your spa as it is draining - do not allow the spa to dry before cleaning! For best results, leave your spa empty for 1 week after you fix the leak.
  7. Re-install filter cartridges and then remove filter cartridges after a day to rinse out any left over FIX A LEAK film. Do not allow cartridges to dry before rinsing! For pool sand filters: Set filter valve to filter and resume normal operation. Backwash out unused FIX A LEAK film as required.

Treatment can be repeated if necessary.


Suction leaks are usually known by air mixed with the water at the return fittings. In many cases, suction lines only leak water when the pump is shut off. Normal Circulation may draw FIX A LEAK away from the leak and not fix the problem. For this product to work, the tiny particles must drip out of the hole, so they can coagulate together and harden.

To get your spa to leak, you can try closing some of the jets to increase the backpressure and try turning your pump on and off repeatedly. If possible, you can also use a squeeze bottle to apply some fix a leak directly to the problem area.


If you suspect a leak around fittings inside the spa (such as return fittings), lights, skimmer or steps etc, shut down pump and apply FIX A LEAK directly to the hole using a squeeze bottle. Allow a minimum of 48 hours to cure before starting up circulation.

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