Genesis Bromine Generator Kit

Genesis Bromine Generator Kit

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Automatic bromine generation for hot tubs and spas just took a giant step forward. The Genesis brand automatic bromine generator is the smartest, safest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your spa safe and sparkling clear! Hot tubs maintained by a Genesis system are virtually maintenance free and use less chemicals. The technology, while taking years to develop, is easy to understand, easy to use and is totally hands free. Free Shipping! Tru Blu salt is not included.

Make Your Spa Fun Again!

Why not spend your leisure time enjoying your hot tub, instead of maintaining it?

Eliminate Bromine Tablets and Floaters - You'll never again have to buy, transport, store or load bromine tablets into a feeder.

Eliminate Quarterly Draining - With the Genesis, your water change interval can be extended up to a full year. The reason you currently have to drain your spa every three months is because the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water increases every time you add chemicals. When the TDS gets too high, your chemicals will not work effectively and you must replace with fresh water. With the Genesis Generator, there is no more buildup of tablet by-products (like the glues and binders used to hold bromine & chlorine tablets together) because the Genesis generates pure bromine.

Also, with conventional bromine or chlorine, after the sanitizer molecule burns up an organic particle, it turns into a bromamine or cloramine. These useless by-products cause the strong chemical smell in your spa and increase the TDS in your water. With the Genesis, salt is converted into bromine which converts back into salt once it has done its' job of sanitizing. This perpetual cycle does not create bromamines and thus leaves your spa free of the cloudy, flat water attributed to the buildup of the these chemical by-products.

Eliminate Regular Shocking - The biggest reason you currently shock your water is to burn off by-products created by your sanitizer. Since these will not be present when using the Genesis system, most shocking will not be necessary. If you have a hot tub party and the bather load increases, you can use a non-chlorine shock to increase the bromine level. Alternatively, you can turn up the dial on the Genesis system when the bather load is higher than normal.

Eliminate Scum Lines - Scum lines are usually caused by inconsistent sanitizer levels. Floaters will dispense more bromine when they are full of pucks than when they are almost empty. As well, your bromine pucks will not be effective if you miss a regular shock treatment. (These inconsistencies cause scum lines to form.) With the Genesis system, once you set the dial on the control system, you will have consistent bromine generation.

Reduce Foaming - Chemical by-products are a big contributor to foaming in your spa. Because the Genesis system eliminates sanitizer by-products, you will notice a drastic decrease in the amount of foam in your spa.

How does the technology work?

First, sodium bromide ("NaBr" - a close relative to sodium chlorine - "NaCl" - otherwise known as table salt) is added to your spa's water. The dissolved bromide ions are circulated through a bromine generating contact cell located in your spa plumbing. This converts the bromide ions into free bromine (bromine is the recommended sanitizer for hot tubs and spas) before reverting back to sodium bromide --- thus completing the perpetual cycle. Additional sodium bromide is only added when your water level declines due to splash out, or when you drain and refill the tub.

The system's electrodes are comprised of high density, ultra-porous "graphite". The controller operates at extremely low DC voltages, resulting in the electrical cost of operation at just pennies a day.

Synthetic graphite is utilized in the revolutionary electrode cell, providing a surface area far greater than available with metal electrodes. The GENESIS electrode is made up of 2 of these unique and powerful plates. The plates measure 1 inch wide by 8 inches long and 1/2 inch thick.

The electrodes are virtually impervious to harsh chemicals and the oxidation process. Still, over time, the flow of water will erode the replaceable cell. The cell carries a full 2 year warranty.

The system fits neatly inside any spa skirt and takes a qualified technician just minutes to install! The electrode cell is mated to a simple 2" slip X slip X threaded Tee fitting and is then connected to the DC-out wires of the controller. Less than 30 watts of total DC power is digitally pulsed across the electrode cell, producing bromine from bromide salt.

For best results with your bromine generator, we recommend using a Carbon Block Pre-Filter to filter your water as you fill your spa.

The Complete System Includes:

  • The electronic controller; NEMA 4X enclosure, 10 different bromine level settings, duty cycle control to 97% accuracy, 110/220 switch able, automatic polarity reversal for the maintenance free electrode cell.
  • The bromine generating electrode cell.
  • A 2" extended clear view "Tee". (Reducer bushings required for spas with 1-1/2" plumbing.)

Unit Features:

  • Automatic Control Center
  • Fully Automatic Bromine Generation
  • Digital design and reliability
  • Automatic polarity reversal (every 4 minutes)
  • Adjustable bromine output control (10 settings)
  • Patent pending (maintenance free) Graphite Electrode Cell
  • Voltage: 110/220v switch able (50-60 Hz. cycle)
  • Power consumption: 28 watts total
  • The complete system has a full 2 year warranty

Includes 2 inch tee. If you have 1.5" plumbing (1-7/8" O.D.), purchase (2) 2" to 1.5" PVC reducers.

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