Cover Removers

Cover Removers


The Roller Cover Remover

The Roller Cover Remover comes assembled and only requires a screwdriver to mount. Works well in gazebos and areas with space restrictions on sides.


US $108.88

The Cover Rx Cover Remover

The Cover Rx Spa Cover Lift, made by Cover Valet, is mounted under the spa cabinet and works with almost all above ground hot tubs. The basket design is easy on spa covers because it puts no stress on the cover hinge and it puts no stress on spa cabinets.


US $147.99

Covermate ECO

The Covermate ECO is an excellent cover lift at a great price! It is very similar to the Covermate 1, except that it does not include the towel hooks & the center bar does not extend the full width (down the middle of the cover).


US $158.88

The Cover Caddy

The premium Cover Caddy, made by Cover Valet, mounts under the spa cabinet. It is easy on spa cover hinges and on hot tub cabinets.

Optional kit for swim spas and other deep hot tubs.


US $179.99

Covermate 1 by Leisure Concepts

The Covermate 1 by Leisure Concepts is the number 1 selling lift in the industry and allows for effortless spa cover removal. Works great on large, heavy covers.


US $189.99

Covermate 1 Arctic by Leisure Concepts

The Covermate 1 Arctic, built by Leisure Concepts, has a bracket designed to fit Arctic Spas® (the bracket is made to sit on top of a vertical trim piece on the spa cabinet). The Covermate 1 by Leisure Concepts is the number 1 selling lift in the industry. It provides effortless hot tub cover removal and works great on large, heavy covers.


US $199.99

The Cover Valet

The Cover Valet™ is the world's leading premium spa cover remover. Dual gas shocks assist in effortlessly lifting and lowering the spa cover. Works great in tight spaces; can be installed on spa cabinet sides, the cabinet top rail or deck mounted on sunk-in spas. Special Price!


US $188.88

Covermate 2 with Under Style Brackets

The Covermate 2 lifts we stock, come with true Under Style (Under Mount) brackets. You do not screw them into your spa or deck - the weight of your spa holds the brackets in place.


US $234.99

Covermate Freestyle

Perfect for round or uniquely shaped spas. Will work on any spa up to 40" tall.


US $297.77

Covermate 3 by Leisure Concepts

Features gas shocks for effortless removal and works excellent when space restrictions are a concern. Works great on large, heavy covers.


US $279.99

The Cover Saver (prevents cover lift damage)

NEW! Cover Savers - for center bar cover lifts only. Extends the life of spa covers, transferring the weight from the weakest area to the strongest area. Works with any center bar cover lift.


US $24.99