Paradise Spa Vacuum

The Paradise Spa Vac™ is Paradise Industries' flagship product. This exceptional, easy-to-use vacuum requires no pumping, batteries or water hookups. It is totally self-contained and is the only vacuum on the market with a telescopic aluminum pole, making it possible to even clean in-ground spas without bending over.


US $68.99

Quick Drain for Hot Tubs

Quick Drain is a hand-held, self-priming siphon that vacuums as it drains. The siphoning action drains the water, creating suction to vacuum the debris from your tub. When Quick Drain's discharge hose is placed lower than the bottom of your spa, a few quick pumps of Quick Drain starts the water flowing.


US $74.67

Quick Drain Extension Hose Kit

24 feet of hose with connector so you have the option of using the 12 feet that comes with the Quick Drain. Order multiple extension kits to reach as far as you want.


US $34.99