Quick Drain for Hot Tubs

Quick Drain for Hot Tubs

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The quick & easy way to drain and clean any above ground water source! Great for hot tubs, spas, pools, fountains, ponds and tanks.


  • QUICK DRAIN is ready to use, no assembly required
  • Quick self-priming action starts water draining in seconds
  • Light-weight and easy to maneuver
  • The 12-foot discharge hose lets you drain water where you want
  • Purchase hose extensions 24 feet at a time.


  • Drains 10 US gallons (38 litres) per minute on average
  • Virtually clog-free, QUICK DRAIN vacuums gravel, leaves, sand and other debris quickly


  • No electricity required
  • No pumps or motors
  • Works well in all weather conditions

Why Should I use Quick Drain?

Changing the water in your spa is an important and necessary part of its' maintenance. Prolonged use of old, unbalanced water creates scale build-up and is corrosive to spa components. Frequent water changes improve water chemistry and provides a fresher, cleaner and healthier spa experience.

How can Quick Drain help?

Quick Drain is a hand-held, self-priming siphon that vacuums as it drains. The siphoning action drains the water, creating suction to vacuum the debris from your tub. When Quick Drain's discharge hose is placed lower than the bottom of your spa, a few quick pumps of Quick Drain starts the water flowing.

Is Quick drain easy to use?

Yes! And quick too! In three easy steps, Quick Drain will clean your hot tub, spa or any above ground water source. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Insert Quick Drain into the water. Position discharge hose so it lies below the bottom of the tub being drained.
  2. Pump Quick Drain up and down, with 15 long, fast strokes to establish water flow. To maximize flow, wait a minute and then pump 5 to 10 more times. Maneuver Quick Drain to vacuum debris as it drains.
  3. When water level is low, angle tip of Quick Drain flush with tub or spa floor. Carefully maneuver and watch to ensure all the water is completely drained

With Quick Drain, speed is a virtue, especially during cold weather conditions. When using Quick Drain you can expect water to drain an average of 10 US gallons per minute.

Where does all the water go?

Quick Drain's 12 feet of discharge hose allows water to drain a good distance from your spa. If you would prefer a greater distance, Quick Drain Extension Hose Kits can be ordered to increase the length 24 feet at a time. Whether you add 24 or 240 feet, Quick Drain provides the flexibility you need.

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