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Spa Ball with Cleaning Pad

Spa Ball with Cleaning Pad

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SKU 909903

The Spa-Ball absorbs oils and scum in your hot tub or pool water!

  • Absorbs body oils and suntan oils in spas.

  • Repels water. 

  • The flow-through action allows water to pass through the ball while it removes oils.
  • Increases filter life and efficiency.
  • Reduces foaming and scum lines.

Includes the SPA-PAD to wipe off excess scum and oil at water level. Use weekly to prevent any build-up.


  1. Place Spa-Ball in the skimmer or directly in hot tub.
  2. Check periodically that Spa-Ball is not saturated.
  3. When Spa-Ball is saturated it will turn dark in colour and sit low in the water. Spa-Ball will then have absorbed 20 times its weight. Replace with a new unit.
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