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Other Important Chemicals

Other Important Chemicals


Fix A Leak for Hot Tubs and Pools

FIX A LEAK is a blended, concentrated material designed to seal leaks in hot tubs and pools or virtually any other material. FIX A LEAK can be used to fix plumbing leaks and leaks in the spa shell. It will seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter and form a permanent seal.


US $14.95

Foam Out by GLB Rendezvous

17 fl. oz, 500ml

Quickly eliminate hot tub foam with Foam Out.


US $9.89

Spa Phos Free by Natural Chemistry

1.1 Quart, 1 liter

Specially formulated to remove phosphates in spas that use bromine or chlorine generators.


US $15.95

Protect Plus by GLB Rendezvous

1.1 Quart, 1 liter Value Size!

Protect Plus suspends and inactivates stain and scale causing minerals found in spa water. Protect Plus also has a clarifying agent that clears spa water while protecting.


US $16.49

Spa Soft Supreme by Spa Life

1.8 lbs, 800 g

Spa Soft Supreme will condition and enhance water quality and will drastically reduce eye and skin irritation from other chemicals.


US $11.59