Waterway Tiny Might 230 Volt Pump

Waterway Tiny Might 230 Volt Pump

Waterway Tiny Might 230 Volt Pump
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Waterway Tiny Might 230V Circulation Pump

1/16 HP, 0.4 Amps, 60 Hz, 3200 RPM

1" Thread Connections (measures 1-7/8" O.D. on threads) or 1/2" pipe (13/16" O.D. pipe) can be glued directly into wet end. Model Number: TM-0061N22C3

  • Wet end can easily be rotated for Left or Right Side Discharge, or can be used as shipped (with discharge pointing up).
  • Larger, 303 stainless steel, 3/8" motor shaft improves impeller stack-up height and won't rust.
  • Larger motor bearings for longer life.
  • Larger motor housing improves ventilation and keeps motor cooler.
  • New wet-end made of state-of-the-art plastic material.
  • Higher capacitor rating allows easy starting when low voltage is encountered.
  • Cast and machined front motor casing aligns wet-end center to motor shaft, even when wet-end is rotated 90°.
  • Designed for 24 hour circulation. Uses less power than a 100 watt light bulb.

Pump unions (P/N: 400-1990) and pump cord are not included.

The Waterway Tiny Might Pumps are not powerful enough for many hot tub plumbing systems and may wear out prematurely. If you've had to replace your Tiny Might Pump frequently, consider replacing it with the better made and more powerful Waterway Iron Might Pump. It is a larger pump, so make sure you have the extra room. You will also need to purchase 2 larger pump unions (P/N: 400-4060).

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